Make your cup of coffee a bit more festive and christmassy by adding spices to your coffee grounds before you brew it. This works for a regular drip coffee maker, french press or pour-over. Add milk and sugar to taste. Top with whipped cream for extra festiveness!

Experiment with one spice or a combination of spices:

unsweetened cocoa
star anise
pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger, nutmeg) (jackpot!)

Benefits of Cinnamon:
balances blood sugar levels
fights yeast infectons
eases stomach bug/flu
prevent irritable bowel syndrome
cancer preventer
effective against arthritis
helps build strong bones
anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/anti-viral properities
food preservative
alertness, memory + cognitive development
aids weight loss
lowering LDL cholestorol + triglycerides
prevent tooth decay and gum diseases
treat cold, sore throat and cough
helps reduce blood pressure

Benefits of Cocoa:
helps in maintaining healthy circulatory system
promotes cardio-vascular health
helps reduce high-fat diet-induced obesity
gives relief from bronchial asthma
beneficial for mental health
helps to lower LDL cholesterol and glucose levels
improves insulin resistance and glucose metabolism
contains antioxidants
repairs skin cells
suppresses decay-causing bacteria and placque

Benefits of Cardamom:
for gastrointestinal disorders
as a breath freshener
cures urinary disorders
rids of insomnia
enhances sex drive (who knew?)
body detoxification
improves blood circulation
aids in weight loss
alleviates joint pain
keeps dental problems at bay

Benefits of Cloves:
vitamins K+C
liver support
regulates blood sugar
supports bone health

Benefits of Allspice:
boosts energy

Benefits of Nutmeg:
vitamin C
helps brain functions

Benefits of Ginger:
relieves nausea
lowers bad cholesterol
helps insulin absorption
helps to relieve heartburn
promotes digestion

Benefits of Star Anise:
aids digestion
eases cramps
regulates blood sugar
eases ulcers
relieves runny nose


12 Quick Fix Tips: From Stress + Anxiety to Peace + Inner Calm in 10 Minutes

1 | Light a candle. Lighting candles invite angels into your home. 🙂

2 | Play some subliminal stress relief music from youtube. Here is a root chakra healing video I found online. Activating the root chakra helps with letting go of worries, fear and anxiety and also enhances feelings of financial stability and overall feeling grounded in life. Simply play the music quietly in the background while you do other things.

3 | EFT Tapping
It’s a very safe and fun way to get rid of stress, tension, anxiety, fears, even physical pain. Try it. It totally works! Here is a video by Jessica Ortner from the Tapping Solution, explaining how to tap. Below are two samples of a free tapping mediation. Trust me, it will change your life! 🙂

4 | Prayer
If you can’t find your own words, just say the lord’s prayer. As long as your prayer comes from the depth of your soul and your heart, it will be heard. Praying is the fastest way to destressify your life. Pray to God, the Great Spirit, the Creator, the Universe, Jesus, Saints, any spirit who is coming from light and love (stay away from the dark ones! 😉

5 | Reiki Healing
I always say, everybody should learn reiki, so they can use it on themselves and their loved ones, even their pets, at any time it is needed. It’s such a great way to activate your body’s own healing abilities. Reiki is universal life energy. It’s divine. It’s also simple and safe. Here is a video of a group reiki healing I found online. Just play it and sit and enjoy!

6 | Use an essential oil diffuser.
Top essential oils for stress and anxiety: Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, German Chamomile, Melissa, Jasmine, Sage, Neroli, Basil. Use a ceramic diffuser with a candle. Simply add water and 5 drops of any essential oil. Or use an electric one if you wish.

7 | Tidy and declutter your home to create calm and inner peace. This can be very relaxing and help you clear your mind.

8 | Gather lots of pillows, blankets, cozy socks, faux sheep skin, whatever makes you feel safe and relaxed. Get hygge with it!

9 | Meditate and visualize light and love enveloping you and your loved ones, filling your home and then spreading out into your neighbourhood and eventually healing the entire planet. Just visualize for 5 or 10 minutes. If everyone would do this every day, the world would be a very different place. 🙂 Energy is very real and you can influence the energy in and around you with your thoughts and intention. Don’t worry about thinking positive so much as focusing on the intent you are carrying for your life and and the world.

10 | Do a brain dump. Take several pieces of blank paper, a notepad, a journal and a pen and just start writing down everything that is on your mind. EVERYTHING. Don’t censor yourself. Just write down every little thought. Anxiety often happens when thoughts keep circling around and around and don’t go anywhere, like a hamster running around in its little hamster wheel, most likely a squeaky hamster wheel. When you write down your thoughts, they stop circling, they empty out and your subconscious now knows, that your thoughts are captured and there is no need to hold on to them anymore. Write and write and write until there is no more charge left. It’s very relaxing, you’ll see. Afterwards you can reread it, or just tear up the paper and throw it out. Or you can create a list of issues your mind is currently dealing with. Number them starting at 1. Then write a new list with the same numbers and think about what kind of solutions would eliminate your problems. Now you have a very effective and practical to do list. Some issues might simply involve forgiveness or acceptance.

11 | Fill your mind with positive inspiration. Read an inspiring book, or the bible, or watch a fun movie with a positive message, listen to an audio book of your favourite author. This can really turn your mood around fast. Just make sure to stay away from the drama.

12 | Smudging with Sage. Burning sage, also known as smudging, involves burning sage leaves and letting the smoke purify the air in your home. Open a window or door before you start burning the sage. This allows the smoke to exit your house. Put the sage in the burning container and light it. You can use a bowl, a small plate or an abalone shell. Let it burn for several seconds and then blow it out so that it keeps smoking. If it stops emitting smoke, try lighting it again. Use your hands to direct the smoke onto your face and body. Walk through your home to eliminate and neutralize negative, stuck and tense energy.



“You are a special and unique person, and you have a meaningful contribution to make to the world. Every person is born with a purpose. There is a reason you are here; you have a role to play that no one else on the planet could fill. The special contribution you came to make is your life’s work. When you are doing that work, you are following your higher path, and your life will be filled with increasing joy, abundance, and well-being.

Finding your life’s work allows you to create abundance and money easily. The job or activities that are meant to be your life’s work involve doing what you love with your time and energy. When you love what you do, you feel alive, happy, and fulfilled. You radiate joy and draw many good things to you. You can make money doing work that you don’t like, but it will take more effort. Not liking what you do with your time and energy diminishes your flow of abundance; loving what you do brings abundance more easily and effortlessly.”

Daily Mantra: As I do what I love, money and abundance flow freely to me.


from: “Creating Money” by Sanaya Roman + Duane Packer”
Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash