Feng Shui your Wealth Corner for Financial Prosperity

To be at peace with money, you have to get rid of the fear (of not having enough and then dying alone in the gutter in the rain …). In a way, that’s why you kind of have to love money, you have to attach the emotion of love to money, that’s the only way to get rid of the fear. Even though the Bible tells you to not “love” money. But there’s a difference between being pathologically obsessed with money and making it a #1 priority over relationships and family etc. and loving money as in:

Trusting – that it’s there to support you and fulfill your everyday needs.
Appreciating it – for the things it can buy like food, shelter, clothes, enjoying life etc. and having an overall feeling of BENEVOLENCE towards money. Because if you hate it and resent it for being just not enough, it cannot grow and flourish. Feng Shui can really help with that kind of healthy money mindset.

How to Energize your Feng Shui Wealth Corner


As you can see from the bagua image above, the entrance to your house or apartment is either the “Knowledge”, the “Career” or the “Helpful People” sector. So the wealth sector is the far left corner when you stand in your entrance looking in. Use the far left corner of your home or of your living room. Don’t energize this corner if it’s a toilet, laundry room, or garage etc. You can overlay this bagua over your living room area instead of your entire home.

  1. Remove all clutter and find a home for everything. Also remove dried flowers, dead plants, anything that’s broken.
  2. Give this area a good cleaning.
  3. Decorate with any of the following items:
  • A table-top water fountain
  • green candles or tea lights in a green glass


  • fresh or silk flowers
  • healthy plants or silk plants with rounded leaves (no cactus of spiky palm trees :-)


  • table cloths, cushions, curtains etc. in purple, gold, red or green
  • a laughing money Buddha – note that there are 9 different kind of buddhas. The buddha for the wealth corner holds a gold ingot.


  • pictures of waterfalls, flowers, trees, fish (think wood and water element)
  • an aquarium or picture of an aquarium
  • crystals, especially amethyst, citrine, pyrite and jade


  • a mirror which symbolizes water but also reflects and doubles all the wealth decor
  • a small wooden box filled with coins from your travels or anything else that’s valuable to you
  • a wealth bowl. A bowl filled with old jewellery, crystals, gold spray-painted rocks, faux diamonds, coins, fake money (printed or from the dollar store), anything that symbolizes wealth and abundance to you.
  • wealth affirmations in a frame. The perfect affirmation for you is the opposite of the greatest fear your have around money. E.g., if you are afraid of never having enough, a good affirmation would be : “I always have enough money.”
  • a pinboard with images of things and experiences you would like to purchase, places you want to travel to, concerts you want to attend, classes you want to take, family gatherings you want to organize etc.

You don’t have to overdo it and cram everything into a small space. This can be very simple with 1 plant, 1 candle, a laughing buddha and a piece of amethyst. Or just a big painting or print of beautiful trees in a forest or a waterfall. Make this your space where you can make peace with your financial worries and fears. Send love, appreciation and blessings towards this space. It’s hard to be fearful and worried when you look at all these symbols of prosperity. And this is what you want. You want to eliminate the FEAR and replace it with LOVE. Have fun with this and enjoy!










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